Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Saints circa 1964

The Saints

From left: Chito Sison (bass), Bobby Sison (rhythm), Jughn Chanco (drums), Butch Tinio (Lead), Bunny Cuna (2nd Lead/Rhythm), and Danny Espiritu (vocals)

The Saints with The Technicolors...(The Technicolors are the first six gentlemen on the left).......The Saints were invited to play at the opening night of the The Young Ones, a film of Cliff Richard and The Shadows. The Saints won the Darigold Jamboree Nationwide Combo contest in the noontime show of Leila Benitez and and Bobby Ledesma.

The entire gang poses with Ms. Leila Benitez after the show. Front row from left, Danny Brinas, Bebet Vinluan, Oscar Anson Jr., Ramon Ramos, Manny Almendras (Band Manager), Leila Benitez, Cholo Bunag, Benjie Mendoza, and Manny Constantino.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who is Playing the Drums?

You will never guess who is playing the drums at my back.
He is Lito Toribio of the Electromaniacs.