Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"I'll Pull It"

This video was taken by Rainier using a Nokia N70.

Unbelievable!! Its' the Big K!!!

Excellent dancer. Must have inherited the genes of Tito Bob.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


We went up to Baguio recently and decided to make a short trip to Vigan.
It was not a short trip as we thought, as it took 4 hours one way from Baguio.
The place was small enough to see though in two to three hours, so we were back in Baguio before dark.
Here are some pictures of that fabulous place where TIME STOOD STILL.

Portrait of a Champion Athlete

The Swimmer.
(Geez, how can one swim, sleep, and thumbsuck all at the same time? )


Yaaaaaahhhh.... !!!
(Teka muna, karate ba ito o sumo)

The key to a successful athletic career...
lots of practice and...... clean living

I'll drink to that!